Thursday, August 1, 2013

Whyalla Airport Car Rental

An airport which used to be renowned for a number of charter jets arriving and departing on a daily basis, Whyalla airport (IATA: WYA) is just under five miles south west of the city of Whyalla in South Australia.

The airport is currently operated by the Council of the City of Whyalla and has been since 1991 when it was handed over by the Federal Labor Party. The important transport hub has unfortunately lost its high pavement classification number which allowed heavy aircraft to make use of the airport, and so now Whyalla is only served by smaller passenger planes. Locally, the issues with the runway are often blamed on the Department of Defence who used the airport to land C-130 planes until they were forbidden from doing so due to the damage caused to the surface.

After the significant increase in the local mining operation, the city of Whyalla would undoubtedly make a brilliant location for increased investment but its airport lacks the infrastructure and facilities to support commercial jet flights. As such, the only airline operating out of the airport currently is Regional Express Airlines, who offer a regular fast transfer service to Adelaide where passengers can board onward international connections. While there are dwindling passenger numbers at Whyalla there are good facilities in the terminal building itself, including a number of car hire options for those people visiting the area and wanting to get around a little more easily than public transport might allow. Many decide to compare Whyalla car hire prices online before making their journey, but others report that the competitive pricing at the airport is good enough that they don’t need to bother.

View of Whyalla town. Creative Commons Image Source: Kerry Raymond at the English language Wikipedia -