Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rainbow Lake Airport Car Rental

Recognised as one of the smallest airports in Canada, Rainbow Lake airport (IATA: YOP) is found adjacent to the town of Rainbow Lake in the state of Alberta. While its size does hold it back when it comes to receiving some of the larger commercial passenger flights, there is no doubting the importance of this crucial air transport hub in the local community, particular when it comes to providing a boost to the local economy through tourism, car hire and various other services.

The town of Rainbow Lake itself is found in the north west area of Alberta, west of High Level and at the end of Highway 58 in MacKenzie County. Obviously, the town bears the name of the lake of the same name which is found nearby and formed on the Hay River. The lake got its name due to its curved shaped which very much gives the impression of a rainbow filled with water.

The local population of around one thousand people fluctuates over the years as many people decide to move away from the rural area and into more urbanised areas such as Vancouver, to which the airport provides a direct link. The town offers education up to grade 12 for local children, and many families decide to uproot following this stage in order to progress their children’s educations.

The lack of public transport in the area has long been an issue for visitors, and local car hire companies are now popping up to offer car rental services to tourists looking for a more convenient way to get around upon arrival. Comparing Rainbow Lake airport car hire is often the cheapest way to buy a rental agreement, although there are many good deals to be had upon arrival too.

A View From A Hike Near Rainbow Lake. Creative Commons Image Source: