Thursday, August 1, 2013

Olympic Dam Airport Car Rental

Providing the local area with an essential connection to Adelaide, the Olympic Dam airport (IATA: OLP) can be found within the mining centre of Olympic Dam in South Australia. The airport is operated by two companies: BHP Billiton, the multinational petroleum and mining company, and Olympic Dam Operations, which oversees much of the day to day airport operation.

While the airport is only ranked 48 out of 103 in the list of the busiest airports in Australia it isn’t without its fair share of incidents and expansion plans. In 2007 there was almost a mid-air crash between a charter plane and one flown by Alliance Airlines, however it was narrowly avoided. In the year before this incident there were talks of expanding the airport by building a new facility close to Andamooka, although nothing has yet been set in stone regarding this.

Adelaide is the only destination flown out of the airport by the commercial passenger jets, which are operated by Alliance Airlines on behalf of QantasLink. On average there are four daily flights from Olympic Dam airport to Adelaide, providing a brilliant and reliable transport link between the two locations with the typical flight time being only an hour and a half.

Those arriving in Olympic Dam will find there are good facilities on site and companies such as Avis and Hertz provide good competition in the rental car market, should you find yourself wanting to get around the area easier than public transport might allow. Many people take it upon themselves to compare Olympic Dam car hire while booking their flight to save the most money, although there are often competitive deals to be done over the counter too.

The Main Shafts of Olympic Dam. Creative Commons Image Source: