Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mudgee Airport Car Rental

One of the airports in Australia most used for technical training, Mudgee airport (IATA: DGE) is found just under four miles north east of the town of Mudgee in New South Wales. It is typically used as a technical training base due to the fact it has two runways, one asphalt and one grass, giving pilots a varied environment in which to improve their skills, particularly during take-off and landing.

The airport is a great support to local transportation, with many people looking to visit the area on business as well as for tourism. The local wine industry is well known, with forty separate wineries operating in the area supplemented by local festivals, markets and tours. The town is close to the Ulan coal mines, with workers often using Mudgee airport as a means of travelling between their home town and the area when required to do so.
There are currently two operators flying out of Mudgee airport:

  • Brindabella Airlines
  • Commercial Helicopters

Brindabella Airlines fly exclusively to Sydney from the airport, providing an essential connection to one of Australia’s largest cities. Commercial Helicopters provides chartered and scenic flights for tourists on request – adding an extra flavour of tourism to the area. Many of the holidaymakers who land in Mudgee opt to hire a car from one of the firms offering such a service at the airport, however many recommend comparing Mudgee airport car hire prices before setting off if you don’t want an unexpectedly high bill to contend with upon arrival.

An Airlink Piper Chieftain, a common sight at Mudgee airport. Creative Commons Image Source: