Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hiroshima Airport Car Rental

The largest airport in the Chugoku region of Japan, Hiroshima airport (IATA: HIJ) is found in the city of Mihara, located just over thirty miles east of Hiroshima itself. Many observers find it strange how the airport bears the name of a city that is over thirty miles away, however this is due to the airport moving from the city in 1993. The older airport is located centrally, near to the waterfront, but is too small in size to support wide aircraft and had no possibility of expansion. The former Hiroshima airport is now known as Hiroshima-Nishi airport. The new airport is fitted with one terminal building, which has traditionally separate departure and arrival gates and both domestic Japanese flights and international arrivals.

With seven gates, A to D domestic and E to G international, the airport is capable of handling a large number of passengers at any time, and these different types of gates are separated by a central divider within the terminal itself. The domestic departure longue has both JAL and ANA lounges, while the international side of the terminal has a shared longue for passengers of all airlines. Despite the international connections possible from Hiroshima airport, the majority of flights are domestic, with 80% of traffic from the airport to domestic locations being to Haneda airport in Tokyo, and the route is the fifth busiest route in Japanese airspace.

There are good public transport links in the area, including rail, bus and road transportation provided by many of the car hire firms offering their services from the airport terminal. Passengers who compare Hiroshima airport car hire before landing will usually get the best deals, while those arriving on the day are more likely to use the public transport available to them.

Hiroshima Station Entrance. Creative Commons Image Source: 

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