Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gaspe Airport Car Rental

One of the very few airports in Canada operating without an air traffic control tower, Gaspé airport (IATA: YGP) can be found exactly four miles west of the city of Gaspé in Quebec. Also known as Michel-Pouliot Gaspé airport, the facility instead relies on weather instrument approaches and a connection to a mandatory frequency linked remotely to the flight service station found in Mont-Joli to assist pilots during take-off and landing.

Gaspé airport, much like the city itself, is located in a valley positioned in an east to west direction from the ocean to the highlands. This means that most, if not all aircraft approaching the airport tend to do so from the eastern ocean side in order to avoid the very steep descent over the western hills.

The airport was built in 1965 by Transport Canada who soon handed over control to the local authority in 1967, although they did continue to provide monetary subsidisation towards the upkeep of the facility. 1972 saw Gaspé airport add a terminal building and a hangar and service station followed soon afterwards in 1974.

There are limited services currently running out of Gaspé airport, although the facilities at the aerodrome are extremely good. Air Canada Express has regular flights from the airport to Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Montréal-Trudeau and, most importantly, Quebec City. Passengers arriving in the area from these airports are often left wondering how to get around in the local community, so there have been a number of car hire companies pop up at the airport, with many people comparing Gaspé airport car hire before they arrive in order to get the best deals.

View of the north part of the Gaspé Bay in Québec. Creative Commons Image Source: