Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fukuoka Airport Car Rental

A former air base named Itazuke Air Base, Fukuoka airport (IATA: FUK) is now found just under two miles east of Hakata Station in Hakta-ku, Fukuoka, Japan. Serving both international and domestic flights from a huge number of providers, it is currently the fourth busiest passenger airport in the country, with over 18 million people using it during 2006, and 137,000 separate landings and take-offs.

As it is such a huge airport in terms of passenger numbers, it is perhaps a little strange that it only features one runway of only 2,800m in length. In addition to this, because the airport is surrounded by residential areas, flights must stop at 10pm until 7am in the morning due to the requests and protests from local residents.

The airport has great public transport links as you would expect from any international airport in Japan. It is connected to the nearby city by the Fukuoka City Subway system as well as by road, with the subway taking less than ten minutes from the airport to the centre of the city business district. Despite this, there are a number of car hire options available, although passengers would be wise to compare if Fukuoka airport car hire or public transport would be the cheapest option for them.

With huge airlines including Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines and even Air China operating in and out of the airport, it is easy to see why Fukuoka is such an important transportation hub in the country of Japan, and why it has grown to such a huge size in relation to other second class airports. 

Night View Of Fukuoka City. Creative Commons Image Source: 

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