Thursday, August 1, 2013

Banff Airport Car Rental

While the airport is now solely used for emergency landings and diverted routes, Banff airport (IATA: YBA) is still an important part of the local community, being only two miles north east of the town of Banff in Alberta, Canada. The airport is situated within a Canadian national park and, as such, it is operated by Parks Canada.

The runway at Banff airport has only recently been reopened for diversionary landings after a ten year closer came to an end in 2007. There are many in the local community who have objected strongly to the decision to reopen the runway, even for emergency landings, as they believe the initial closure has had a great benefit to local wildlife.

The town of Banff itself is nestled with Alberta’s Rocky Mountains and can be found along the Trans-Canada highway. The nearest city, Calgary, is just seventy eight miles to the east of the town, and many local residents enjoy escaping for a little piece of city life now and again. The town is the second highest settlement in Canada, just behind the nearby Lake Louise, meaning it is easy to feel a little isolated in the area.

The height and beauty of the region has transformed Banff into a resort town, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada. The area is renowned for its mountains, hot springs and outdoor sports which include skiing, biking and great hiking opportunities too. There seems to be something for everyone and even if visitors don’t fancy walking or making use of the public transport, they can compare Banff airport car hire before they arrive in the area if they want to be able to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’ that little bit easier.
The Old Banff Flying Club. Creative Commons Image Source: