Sunday, August 4, 2013

Asahikawa Airport Car Rental

Found across the border of two cities, Asahikawa and Hagashikagura, is Asahikawa airport (IATA: AKJ), a single runway regional Japanese airport in Hokkaido, Japan. In terms of size, Asahikawa airport is rated as a second class airport behind large international airports such as Tokyo. It’s an important airport in the local region, flying to several much larger destinations and providing international connections out of the country.

There are several different airlines that provide services from the airport. All Nippon Airways fly to Nagoya-Centrair, EVA Air fly to Taipei-Taoyuan, Hokkaido Air System fly to Hakodate, Hokkaido International Airlines fly to Tokyo, as do Japan Airlines and Skymark Airlines, while TransAsia Airways fly to Taipei-Taoyuan. Seasonally there are also flights to Osaka-Kansai, Seoul-Incheon and Shanghai-Pudong.

Public transport in the area is generally very good, with the airport accessible by bus from Asahikawa Station, the zoo and Furano Station. From the station to the airport takes approximately 35 minutes by bus, which is the reason why many people try to compare Asahikawa car hire before they travel in order to make getting around a little bit easier when they arrive in this area of Japan.

With such a huge variety of destinations capable of flight from Asahikawa airport, the transport hub is undoubtedly such an important centre for the local region, supporting tourism, business and industry in equal measure. While there are no current plans to expand the airport further to include international flights and first class status, if it contains to grow at its present rate this might be something that will be considered in the future.