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Mount Gambier Airport Car Rental

The only airport serving commercial passengers in the south east of Australia, Mount Gambier airport (IATA: MGB) is found on the Riddoch Highway, nearly six miles north of the town of Mount Gambier itself. The airport has three operational runways and serves approximately 100,000 passengers per year through its scheduled daily flights to Adelaide and Melbourne airports by Saab 340 turboprop light aircraft.

O’Connor Airlines, an operator which launched in the early 70s, served passengers out of Mount Gambier and used the airport as its base until it ceased trading in 2007. Since then, Regional Express has been the only airline to offer services from Mount Gambier and the airport is operated solely by the District Council of Grant.

2011 saw the announcement that the airport would be upgraded thanks to a $3.4million dollar program partly funded by the South Australian government. The area will benefit from a 15 year development plan strengthening the main runway, aprons and taxiways to allow for larger aircraft to land, thus increasing tourism for the area.

Transport links in the area are good and there are a number of car hire possibilities from the airport, with companies including:

  • Avis 
  • Budget 
  • Thrifty 

Tourism is so important to the area, and good transportation is essential for those who are looking to get around easily in south east Australia. In order to compare Mount Gambier car hire prices it’s often wise to check out a comparison website before travelling as this often results in the best deals being obtained.

The Type Of Aircraft Typically Flown From Mount Gambier Airport. Creative Commons Image Source: 

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Merimbula Airport Car Rental

Serving the bustling tourist town of Merimbula on the far south coast of New South Wales in Australia, Merimbula airport is found only one mile south of the town itself, making it an ideal starting point for any vacation in the area. Operated by Airport Agencies Pty Ltd with one runway, the airport (IATA: MIM) has regular flights to Melbourne, Moruya and Sydney, providing an essential connection to the rest of Australia.

Three airlines offer services from Merimbula airport, but it is only Regional Express that offers scheduled weekly flights out of the area. Merimbula Air Services and Air Sapphire offer charter services from the airport, but these are obviously limited to demand. Since the towns’ economy relies so much on tourism, these weekly connections are vital in developing the area further as a holiday hotspot, as well as bringing people to the annual jazz festival and the Queen’s birthday long weekend celebrations.

While facilities at the airport are limited there is a substantial offering of rental cars in the area, with big name firms supplying the regions tourists with reliable transportation for their journey, including:

  • Avis 
  • Europcar 
  • Hertz 

With such a large amount of different options when it comes to hiring a car from Merimbula airport, many tourists take the opportunity to compare Merimbula airport car hire before they leave home in order to get the best deals. Prices of transportation and car hire vary according to the season, so it is usually best to check before you leave to make the biggest savings.

A Kendell Airlines plane at Merimbula Airport. Creative Commons Image Source:


More info about Merimbula airport you find here.

Moree Airport Car Rental

One of the most important connections to Sydney in New South Wales, Moree airport is found only three miles outside the city of Moree, providing over thirty separate flights per week to Sydney thanks to Brindabella Airline’s range of British Aerospace Jetstream 41 turboprops. Although the passenger services are key to the area, the airport also supports the local agricultural aviation industry and the Moree Aero Club provides flight training and aircraft hire from the aerodrome too.

The Aero Club, which has been based at the airport since 1952, was responsible for much of the initial development of Moree, including a terminal building and aircraft hangars. Nowadays, the airport has two operating runways despite a low amount of air traffic, and Austrek Aviation provides the airport with general handling and refuelling services where required.

Moree airport’s terminal facilities include:

  • Check In Desks 
  • Baggage Claim 
  • Taxi Rank 
  • AVIS Car Hire Desk 

The airport is built on the highest piece of land near the city to avoid flooding risk from the nearby Mehi River and while there are some public transport links, the AVIS car hire desk is often taken advantage of by travellers looking for a convenient way to get from the airport to their destination and beyond. With one of the biggest selections of hire car firms in the area to be found at Moree airport, visitors have the ability to undertake price comparisons of Moree airport car hire before setting out on their trip to keep costs as low as possible.

Royal Hotel Motel, Moree. Creative Commons Image Source:


Maryborough Airport Car Rental

Renowned as one of the most important airports in Queensland, Maryborough airport (IATA: MBH) serves the towns of Maryborough and Rainbow Bay with commercial passenger flights, as well as being the base for the Maryborough Aero Club.

Despite its brilliant location only two miles north of the town of Maryborough, the airport has seen commercial flight numbers dwindle over the last few years due to increased competition from the nearby Hervey Bay airport, although it is still seen as an essential transport hub in the area.

The airport is operated by the Fraser Coast Regional Council and is crucial in serving the 22,000 strong population of Maryborough. The town, which was originally founded in 1847 before becoming a city in 1905, was once Australia’s biggest port supporting commercial activities via the sea. Nowadays, tourism plays a major part in the economy of the city, styling itself as the heritage city of Queensland.

Transportation in the area is generally good, and the town has an old railway tradition that it is keen to uphold despite the introduction of newer rolling stock. While public transport is adequate, many people find the convenience of hiring a car from Maryborough airport too good to turn down, and there are a number of car hire firms offering good deals in the area, including:

  • Budget 
  • Thrifty 
  • Avis 

With a large choice of companies in the area its natural there is great price competition too, so make sure you compare Maryborough airport car hire before you head off on your journey to get the best deal. 

Maryborough Airport from the air. Creative Commons Image Source: 

Tokyo Narita Airport Car Rental

Undoubtedly the most important airport in Japan, Narita international airport (IATA: NRT), also known as Tokyo Narita airport, is the main international arrival and departure airport in the country, serving the Greater Tokyo area. Found just under thirty six miles east of Tokyo Station and just over four miles south east of Narita Station, it is officially located in the city of Narita as well as crossing into the town of Shibayama.

Handling the vast majority of international arrivals and departures from Japan, there can be no underestimating the importance of Narita international airport in economic, tourism or convenience terms. A major transport hub connecting much of the air travel between Asia and the United States of America, over 35 million passengers travelled through the airport in 2007, a figure which is sure to rise over the next twenty years as more and more people travel to Japan by air.

Officially the second biggest passenger airport in Japan, it is the largest cargo hub in the country and the ninth biggest air freight airport in the world – meaning it can pack some serious cargo. Serving as the main hub for airlines including Japan Airlines, Nippon Cargo Airlines and All Nippon Airways, it also sees regular flights to a huge variety of destinations from budget airlines such as Jeststar Japan and AirAsia Japan.

The first class airport has first class facilities too, with passenger lounges, great public transport in the area and a number of desks where arrivals can compare Tokyo Narita airport car hire in order to help themselves get around the city that little bit easier if they so desire.

Tokyo Narita Airport Terminal 1. Creative Commons Image Source: 

If you want some flight information visit the official Narita Airport site here.

Kingscote Airport Car Rental

Undoubtedly one of the most crucial airports in any Australian territory, Kingscote airport (IATA: KGC) is around eight miles south west of the town of the same name, which is the largest town on Kangaroo Island. Naturally, as it is the main airport for the island, it is served by a variety of public transport links and a number of charter flights too. Kingscote airport has been operated by the Kangaroo Island Council since 1983, although the history of the aerodrome itself dates back much farther than this.

The first commercial flight service to the island was flown in the 1930s by Guinea Airways and the demand for travel between the area and the rest of Australia has kept Kingscote going strong, with the Regional Express airline flying a route direct to Adelaide. Many tourists flock to the town of Kingscote via the airport to see the colony of the world’s smallest penguin – but it also holds the honour of the being the oldest European settlement in southern Australia. Public transport serves these tourists well from the airport, but many people decide to compare Kingscote airport car hire before setting on our their journey to see if they can make savings on the most convenient form of travel.

With three runways and over 50,000 commercial passengers a year, Kingscote airport is definitely one transport hub that Kangaroo Island and Australia itself cannot afford to do without, especially as tourism becomes increasingly important to the region’s economy as the settled population of the area dwindles below 3,000


Kingscote Airport, Kangaroo Island. Creative Commons Image Source:

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Kitatkyushu Airport Car Rental

Built on an artificial island in the western Seto Inland Sea, Kitatkyushu airport (IATA: KKJ) is found just under two miles away from the city of Kokuraminami-ku in Kitatkyushu, Fukuoka, Japan. It is one of the most modern airports in the country, first opening its runway to flights in 2006 when it was named New Kitatkyushu airport – it was renamed in 2008.

The airport features some limited international charter flights but is labelled as a second class airport in the Japanese infrastructure. The airport at Kitatkyushu was the fourth in the country to start running 24 hours a day, following in the footsteps of Chubu Centrair International in Nagoya, Kansai International in Osaka, and New Chitose airport in Sapporo. This wouldn’t have been possible without the construction of the new airport, as the older facility had restrictions on aircraft travel due to its small size, mountain location and proximity to residential areas. Heavy fog and the distance to housing were the main reasons operations were so restricted, and the biggest factor in the move to the new airport. The new airport on the artificial island has alleviated all of these problems thanks to its offshore positioning, making 24 hour flights possible in addition to providing a place in the local area for cargo planes to arrive and depart, adding a huge boost to the region’s economic progress as an industrial area.

Facilities at the airport include passenger lounges, a number of domestic gates and several car hire desks which allow those people arriving into the area to compare Kitatkyushu airport car hire if they are looking for an easier way to make their way around the city.

Downtown Kitatkyushu At Night. Creative Commons Image Source: 

Click here to visit the official Kitatkyushu airport site.

Hiroshima Airport Car Rental

The largest airport in the Chugoku region of Japan, Hiroshima airport (IATA: HIJ) is found in the city of Mihara, located just over thirty miles east of Hiroshima itself. Many observers find it strange how the airport bears the name of a city that is over thirty miles away, however this is due to the airport moving from the city in 1993. The older airport is located centrally, near to the waterfront, but is too small in size to support wide aircraft and had no possibility of expansion. The former Hiroshima airport is now known as Hiroshima-Nishi airport. The new airport is fitted with one terminal building, which has traditionally separate departure and arrival gates and both domestic Japanese flights and international arrivals.

With seven gates, A to D domestic and E to G international, the airport is capable of handling a large number of passengers at any time, and these different types of gates are separated by a central divider within the terminal itself. The domestic departure longue has both JAL and ANA lounges, while the international side of the terminal has a shared longue for passengers of all airlines. Despite the international connections possible from Hiroshima airport, the majority of flights are domestic, with 80% of traffic from the airport to domestic locations being to Haneda airport in Tokyo, and the route is the fifth busiest route in Japanese airspace.

There are good public transport links in the area, including rail, bus and road transportation provided by many of the car hire firms offering their services from the airport terminal. Passengers who compare Hiroshima airport car hire before landing will usually get the best deals, while those arriving on the day are more likely to use the public transport available to them.

Hiroshima Station Entrance. Creative Commons Image Source: 

Click here to visit the official Hiroshima airport site.

Hakodate Airport Car Rental

Located just under five miles east of Hakodate Station in the city of Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan, Hakodate airport (IATA: HKD) is operated by Japan’s transportation ministry and is best known as serving as the main airport hub for airtransse. The airport is renowned in history as the location where the Soviet pilot Viktor Belenko landed his MiG-25 Foxbat aeroplane in 1976 as he defected to the west from the Soviet Union.

The airport can be found near the seas, approximately six miles outside the city centre of Hakodate. Opened in 1961 and crucial in the local region for transportation to a wide variety of destinations, Hakodate airport has one runway which has been extended three times, first in 1971 only ten years after the airport opening, again in 1978 and finally in 1999. The terminal has also been replaced, with a new building officially opening back in 2005, which has far superior facilities.

Public transport in the area surrounding Hakodate airport is generally good, although there are a number of car hire desks at the airport allowing consumers arriving to compare Hakodate airport car hire to get the best deal, while ensuring they can get around the local area in a little more comfort. Scheduled buses travel to Hakodate Station, as well as the nearby Onuma Prince Hotel.

Airlines including All Nippon Airways, Hokkaido International Airlines and Japan Airlines all operate a service to Tokyo-Haneda from Hakodate, while other destinations include Osaka-Kansai, Kushiro, Okushiri, and seasonally by charter, Hong Kong. This wide range of destinations explains the recent growth of Hakodate airport, which looks set to continue over the next few years.

Hakodate By Night. Creative Commons Image Source: 

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Fukuoka Airport Car Rental

A former air base named Itazuke Air Base, Fukuoka airport (IATA: FUK) is now found just under two miles east of Hakata Station in Hakta-ku, Fukuoka, Japan. Serving both international and domestic flights from a huge number of providers, it is currently the fourth busiest passenger airport in the country, with over 18 million people using it during 2006, and 137,000 separate landings and take-offs.

As it is such a huge airport in terms of passenger numbers, it is perhaps a little strange that it only features one runway of only 2,800m in length. In addition to this, because the airport is surrounded by residential areas, flights must stop at 10pm until 7am in the morning due to the requests and protests from local residents.

The airport has great public transport links as you would expect from any international airport in Japan. It is connected to the nearby city by the Fukuoka City Subway system as well as by road, with the subway taking less than ten minutes from the airport to the centre of the city business district. Despite this, there are a number of car hire options available, although passengers would be wise to compare if Fukuoka airport car hire or public transport would be the cheapest option for them.

With huge airlines including Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines and even Air China operating in and out of the airport, it is easy to see why Fukuoka is such an important transportation hub in the country of Japan, and why it has grown to such a huge size in relation to other second class airports. 

Night View Of Fukuoka City. Creative Commons Image Source: 

For information about the flights to and from the airport click here.

New Chitose Airport Car Rental

The largest airport in Hokkaido by land area, New Chitose airport (IATA: CTS) is found just over three miles south east of Chitose and Tomakomai in Hokkaido, Japan. It primarily services the metropolitan district of Sapporo, and is regarded as a vital transportation link between the area and other Japanese cities, as well as a large amount of international destinations too.

The airport design includes a large domestic flight terminal which is built in a semi-circular shape, which has 18 separate gates for internal Japanese flights. A smaller terminal provides access to international flights for passengers, although there are currently only six gates in operation, limiting the capacity for international travel outside of the country. The airport is ultimately one of the busiest airports in the country, ranked third in Japan behind Narita and Haneda in 2005. The amount of passengers carried through the airport is within the top 100 in the world, ranking at number 64 in terms of passenger movements. In addition to this, the New Chitose to Toyko Haneda route is the busiest in the world, with over eight and a half million passengers being carried during 2010 alone.

Needless to say, with such a large airport in operation, there are great facilities in the local area. There are a number of car hire desks where arriving passengers often compare New Chitose airport car hire to make travelling easier, although there are also very respectable public transport links from the airport to other parts of the region. With over twenty airlines operating to more than thirty destinations, there is no doubting the importance of this massive airport to Japan’s economy and transportation structure.

Inside New Chitose Airport. Creative Commons Image Source: 

For flight information visit the official New Chitose airport here.

Asahikawa Airport Car Rental

Found across the border of two cities, Asahikawa and Hagashikagura, is Asahikawa airport (IATA: AKJ), a single runway regional Japanese airport in Hokkaido, Japan. In terms of size, Asahikawa airport is rated as a second class airport behind large international airports such as Tokyo. It’s an important airport in the local region, flying to several much larger destinations and providing international connections out of the country.

There are several different airlines that provide services from the airport. All Nippon Airways fly to Nagoya-Centrair, EVA Air fly to Taipei-Taoyuan, Hokkaido Air System fly to Hakodate, Hokkaido International Airlines fly to Tokyo, as do Japan Airlines and Skymark Airlines, while TransAsia Airways fly to Taipei-Taoyuan. Seasonally there are also flights to Osaka-Kansai, Seoul-Incheon and Shanghai-Pudong.

Public transport in the area is generally very good, with the airport accessible by bus from Asahikawa Station, the zoo and Furano Station. From the station to the airport takes approximately 35 minutes by bus, which is the reason why many people try to compare Asahikawa car hire before they travel in order to make getting around a little bit easier when they arrive in this area of Japan.

With such a huge variety of destinations capable of flight from Asahikawa airport, the transport hub is undoubtedly such an important centre for the local region, supporting tourism, business and industry in equal measure. While there are no current plans to expand the airport further to include international flights and first class status, if it contains to grow at its present rate this might be something that will be considered in the future.

Aomori Airport Car Rental

A regional airport seven miles south west of the city of Aomori, Aomori airport (IATA: AOJ) is found in the Aomori Prefecture of Japan, and is a vital transport link for local residents and businesses across the entire country. With one asphalt concentre runway of just under 10,000ft in length, the airport has the ability to cope with some reasonably large passenger jets, although in Japanese terms it is counted as a third class airport.

The first airport in the area opened back in 1964 in the town of Namioka. This airport had one 1,200m runway designed for take-off and landing of NAMC YS-11 planes, however its location 200 metres high in a valley surrounded by mountains often prevented operations from running as smoothly as the airport would have liked due to the inclement weather conditions. This runway was extended to 1,350m in 1971 and again to 1,400m in 1973 with the terminal being expanded alongside it in 1974 and 1978.

Due to the geographical location of the airport, local authorities began drawing up plans for the airport which is now found in its current position south east of downtown Aomori city. These facilities opened in 1987 and in 1995 the terminal was refurbished and certified as suitable for international aircraft departures and arrivals, with the ability to compare Aomori airport car hire also provided by several international firms.

The airlines that operate regular services from the airport are Fuji Dream Airlines, flying to Nagoya-Komaki, Japan Airlines who travel to Osaka-Itami, Sapporo-Chitose and Tokyo-Haneda, and Korean Air who fly exclusively to Seoul-Incheon.

Broadcasting Centre In Aomori, Japan. Creative Commons Image Source:


For more info about the airport visit the official Aomori airport site here.

Akita Airport Car Rental

Located a mere nine miles outside the city of Akita in the Akia Prefecture of Japan, Akita airport (IATA: AXT) has one runway made from an asphalt and concrete mix, at just over 8,000ft in length. While in Japan it is classed as a second class airport behind the main international hubs, it is still an important airport to the local area, especially due to its proximity to the city and regional oil mining operations.

The city which gives the airport its name is the capital city of Akita Prefecture, found in the Tohoku region of Honshu, which is the largest of Japan’s islands. Thanks to a recent 2005 merger with the towns of Kawabe and Yūwa from the former Kawabe District, the city now has a population of around 325,000. While the modern city was only established in 1889, Akita has actually been an important location in the Tohoku region dating back medieval times.

Nowadays, visitors fly into Akita for many different reasons, and they have a huge choice of destinations to fly out of the airport to as well. All Nippon Airways flies to Tokyo-Haneda, Korean Air fly to Seoul-Incheon, ANA operate services to Nagoya-Centrair and Osaka-Itami, while Japan Airlines fly to Osaka-Itami, Sapporo-Chitose and Tokyo-Haneda. Seasonally, flights to Taipei-Taoyaun are operated by EVA Air and TransAsia airways.

Facilities in the area are generally good, as is public transport, however many visitors opt to compare Akita airport car hire before they arrive in order to get the best prices. Car rental has many advantages in the local region, making it much quicker to get around, which is why there are so many rental agencies now offering their services out of Akita airport.

For more flight information, visit the official Akita airport site here.

Nausori Airport Car Rental

The second international airport in Fiji, Nausori International airport (IATA: SUV) is also known as Luvuluvu, and is found on the south east side of Fiji’s main island Viti Levu. Found approximately 23km from Fiji’s capital city, Suva, the airport is a great option for those looking to visit the island nation and do a little bit of exploring at the same time.

The airport has one asphalt runway just over 6,000ft in length, and is operated by Airports Fiji Limited. It is generally regarded as the main airport serving the capital city of Suva, meaning it has a great number of local residents using the facilities as well as the obvious tourist influx during the summer months.

Air Pacific previously used the airport as its base of operations, building its headquarters on the airport, however there is now a twenty year master plan being drawn up for the expansion of the airport including upgrading facilities, refurbishment and creating a larger facility for international passengers and domestic fliers alike.

Being one of the main airports on the islands of Fiji, there are a number of facilities in the terminal buildings ideal for those who are new to the area. Many people compare the prices of Nausoria airport car hire if they want to get around a little bit easier during their stay, while others simply make use of taxis and public transport.

Several destinations are flown from Nausoria airport. Air Vanuatu flies to Port Vila, while Fiji Airways provides services to Auckland and Port Vila. Pacific Sun, charted by Fiji Airways, flies to a number of destinations: Cicia, Funafuti, Kadavu, Labasa, Lakeba, Nadi, Nuku’alofa, Savusavu, Taveuni, Vanua Balavu and Vunisea.

View From The Sky Of Nausoria. Creative Commons Image Source: 

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Williams Lake Airport Car Rental

Just under five miles north east of the city of Williams Lake in British Columbia, Canada, is Williams Lake airport, mostly known as Williams Lake Regional airport (IATA: YWL). Operated by the City of Williams Lake, the airport only has one asphalt runway of a length of approximately 7,000ft, but nevertheless carries around 14,000 separate aircraft movements per year, a staggering amount for one runway.

The City of Williams Lake can be found in the Central Interior of the state of British Columbia, in the central region known as the Cariboo. Regarded as the biggest urban settlement between Prince George and Kamloops, it has a population of just over 11,000 within the city limits themselves.

The city, and the airport, is probably busiest over the Canada Day long weekend, when Williams Lake hosts the annual Williams Lake Stampede, which sees thousands of visitors flocking to the area to take part in the festivities. Many of these visitors compare Williams Lake airport car hire before arrival if they want an easier way to get around, although there are some good deals to be had on the day too, with a number of firms offering rental car services.

Two airlines regularly fly from Williams Lake. Pacific Coastal Airlines, the larger of the two, fly to Vancouver, as do Central Mountain Air. Since Vancouver is the only official passenger destination from the airport, many charter flights are commissioned over the course of a year, for those people looking to fly to more remote airports.

Plane On The Runway At Williams Lake Airport. Creative Commons Image Source: 

Do you want more info about Williams Lake airport, click here.

Tofino Airport Car Rental

Just under seven miles south east of the district of Tofino in British Columbia, Canada, you will find Tofino airport, also known as Long Beach Airport (IATA: YAZ). Boasting three concrete runways of a length of approximately 5,000ft each, the airport regularly handles over 5,000 aircraft movements per year over these surfaces, with most of these coming in the summer tourist season.

The airport is typically used by smaller commercial passenger planes as well as charter hire private aircraft during the off season, while summer flights are made difficult and unpredictable by a coastal fog phenomenon which often crops up around Tofino airport on summer mornings. Access to the airport is often restricted until the fog clears, although there are GPS approaches available for aircraft equipped with such capabilities.

Tofino itself is home to just under 2,000 residents who use the airport throughout the year. The settlement is at the western end of Highway 4 on the end of the Esowista Peninsula, and was first established back in 1909 thanks to the opening of the Tofino Post Office.
While popular all year round, it is really during the summer when Tofino airport comes into its own. The population of the local area swells massively, to double or triple its winter size, thanks to surfers, campers, whale watchers and anyone looking to get a little bit closer to nature who loves making the flight to Tofino.

Orca Airways fly from Tofino to Vancouver and Victoria, while smaller operators Kenmore Air fly to Campbell River and Seattle-Boeing Field, with San Juan Airlines providing services to Anacortes and Friday Harbor. Tofino airport car hire is available from various firms offering such rental services, with hundreds of tourists keen to find an easier way to get around upon arrival.

Tofino Visitor Centre. Creative Commons Image Source: 

Looking for more info about Tofino airport? Visit the official airport site for Tofino here.

Thompson Airport Car Rental

Found only three and a half miles north of the city of Thompson in Manitoba, Canada, Thompson Municipal airport (IATA: YTH) is one of the three busiest airports in Manitoba, following closely behind Winnipeg’s international airport and its smaller St. Andrews airport. The aerodrome has two runways, one asphalt and one gravel/asphalt mix both coming it at just under 6,000ft long, carrying over 35,000 aircraft movements per year combined.

The airport was originally built by the International Nickel Company, opening its doors in 1961 as part of a support network to their mining operation in the local area, although at the time it only boasted a runway of 3,000ft in length. In 1963, Transport Canada took over the ownership and upkeep of the airport and it was handed to the District of Mystery Lake, to whom it belonged until 2000 when Thompson Regional Airport Authority took charge of the facility.

As well as serving commercial passenger flights, the airport is the base for Custom Helicopters, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Air Services, Manitoba Government Air Services, as well as several other private companies. Government air water bombers are often stored at the facility during the local fire season, while there are a number of ways tourists can compare Thompson airport car hire thanks to the numerous firms offering such services.

Calm Air fly services to Winnipeg, Arviat, Baker Lake, Chesterfield Inlet, Churchill and The Pas, amongst many other destinations, while the other operator in the area, Perimeter Aviation, fly to airports such as Gods Lake Narrows, Gods River and York Landing, providing a huge choice for both residents looking to leave the area for a trip and for those who are arriving on holiday.

Air Traffic Control At Thompson. Creative Commons Image Source: 

For more information about the airport or flight info visit the official Thompson airport site here.

The Pas Airport Car Rental

Found approximately twelve miles outside the town of The Pas in Manitoba, Canada, is The Pas airport (IATA: YQD). The airport boasts one runway made from asphalt which falls just shy of 6,000ft long, carrying roughly 5,000 aircraft movements over its surface per year. While this doesn’t make it anywhere near one of the largest airports in Canada, it is still an important transport hub regionally, with people from the nearby towns relying heavily on its connections to other larger airports.

The town of The Pas itself is found in Division No. 21, in the northern area of Manitoba, around 630km from the regional and provincial capital city of Winnipeg. It is this large distance between the town and the city that makes air travel so essential to the area, and explains why there are so many aircraft movements out of such a small airport each year. Sometimes still known as Paskoyac by locals, due to the first trading outpost in the area being called Fort Paskoyac, The Pas is known by many as the gateway to the north, and has a population of around 15,000 within its district. Agriculture, forestry, fishing and, notably, tourism, all make up huge parts of the local economy and demonstrate yet again the importance of the airport to the area and its community.

The airport caters to two different airlines, Bearskin Airlines, who fly exclusively to Winnipeg, and Calm Air, who operate services to Flin Flon and Winnipeg. The area has served car hire services available, with many tourists comparing The Pas airport car hire before arrival to make sure they’re getting the best deal.

The Pas Bridge. Creative Commons Image Source:


St. Anthony Airport Car Rental

Just over twenty miles north west of the town of St. Anthony in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, is St. Anthony airport (IATA: YAY), providing crucial air travel for the local community to a variety of different regional airports across the country. The airport has one asphalt runway standing at about 4,000ft long, carrying approximately 4,500 aircraft movements over it each year.

St. Anthony itself is an extremely old European settlement dating back to the early 16th century. Basque and French native fishermen fished seasonally, using the towns usefully positioned harbour as their base. By 1534 the town had reported taken on the name of St. Anthony Haven, according to the explorer Jacques Cartier.

The town’s growth didn’t really start until Dr Wilfred Grenfell arrived in 1900 and following this, the local community saw the introduction of a cold storage facility and salt fish plant in the 1930s, boosting the local economy during some reasonably tough economic times for the region.

Tourism has become increasingly important to the town, especially as the stocks of fish that used to be so bountiful have dwindling somewhat. Tourists come to see sites related to Dr Grenfell for the most part, as well as L’Anse aux Meadows and the native whales and icebergs which are always a stunning sight.

Flights from the airport are provided by Provincial Airlines, flying to Blanc-Sablon, CFB Goose Bay, St. John’s and Wabush, as well as Air Labrador, who fly to Williams Harbour. Local car hire companies are in the area providing travellers with cheap St. Anthony airport car hire if they compare prices before arrival, although there can also be some good discounts to be had upon arrival dependant on availability.

A View From The Chair In St Anthony. Creative Commons Image Source:,_Newfoundland,_Canada.jpg 

Roberval Airport Car Rental

Just over two miles outside the city of Roberval in Quebec, Canada, Roberval airport (IATA: YRJ) features one 5,000ft runway which services around 6,000 flights per year from its asphalt surface. While this is a relatively small number of journeys compared to some other airports in Quebec, Roberval still finds itself as an important local transport hub for those in the area looking for connections to various other regional airports in the country.

The city of Roberval itself is found nestled on the south west shore of Lac Saint-Jean in the regional county of Le Domaine-du-Roy in Quebec. With a population of just under 11,000 it boasts the honour of being the third largest city on the lake, just behind Dolbeau-Mistassini and Alma, however it is the only city on the lake with its core found directly on the shore, making it a hot tourist attraction.

The city is home to an annual swimming competition where entrants attempt to cross Lake St-Jean over a distance of twenty miles. This further increases seasonal tourism to the area and Pascan Aviation provide regular flights to Havre Saint-Pierre, Montreal-Saint-Hubert, Sept Iles and Wabush airports from Roberval airport.

Public transport in the area is a little lacklustre, and many companies have taken it upon themselves to offer car hire services to the local area, as well as to any visitors entering the region via the airport. Many of these travellers opt to compare Roberval airport car hire before arrival to save money, but there are equal amounts of people who simply arrive and form an agreement there and then.

Rainbow Lake Airport Car Rental

Recognised as one of the smallest airports in Canada, Rainbow Lake airport (IATA: YOP) is found adjacent to the town of Rainbow Lake in the state of Alberta. While its size does hold it back when it comes to receiving some of the larger commercial passenger flights, there is no doubting the importance of this crucial air transport hub in the local community, particular when it comes to providing a boost to the local economy through tourism, car hire and various other services.

The town of Rainbow Lake itself is found in the north west area of Alberta, west of High Level and at the end of Highway 58 in MacKenzie County. Obviously, the town bears the name of the lake of the same name which is found nearby and formed on the Hay River. The lake got its name due to its curved shaped which very much gives the impression of a rainbow filled with water.

The local population of around one thousand people fluctuates over the years as many people decide to move away from the rural area and into more urbanised areas such as Vancouver, to which the airport provides a direct link. The town offers education up to grade 12 for local children, and many families decide to uproot following this stage in order to progress their children’s educations.

The lack of public transport in the area has long been an issue for visitors, and local car hire companies are now popping up to offer car rental services to tourists looking for a more convenient way to get around upon arrival. Comparing Rainbow Lake airport car hire is often the cheapest way to buy a rental agreement, although there are many good deals to be had upon arrival too.

A View From A Hike Near Rainbow Lake. Creative Commons Image Source: 

Quesnel Airport Car Rental

Found just over two miles outside the small Cariboo District city of Quesnel in British Columbia, Canada, Quesnel airport (IATA: YQZ) is a small regional airport with a lot of character. While it is by no means the largest airport in Canada, or indeed the local area, it is an important transport link to Vancouver and other areas for those living in the local community.

Quesnel itself is a small city located between Prince George and Williams Lake on the main route into the north of British Columbia and the Yukon. While it claims to host the world’s largest gold pan, this is often disputed by Nome in Alaska, amongst other cities worldwide. Sister city to Shiraoi in Japan, Quesnel hosted the British Columbia Winter Games in 2000 and is close to the popular canoeing area of Bowron Lake Provincial Part in the Cariboo Mountains.

There is limited public transportation in the area surrounding the airport, which has led to a rise in the number of car hire companies who are looking to offer their services to arrivals. Many who take out a policy upon arrive find it would have been cheaper had they compared Quesnel airport car hire before arrival, although some find that the difference is negligible. The airport is served solely by Central Mountain Air, who fly a regular service to Vancouver only. While this is the only official route out of the airport, notwithstanding any hired charter flights, it is one of the most important that could possibly be offered to local residents, providing an excellent connection to the international airport which would otherwise be a nightmare to get to by road. 

Quesnel Lake Dock. Creative Commons Image Source: 

Prince Rupert Airport Car Rental

Located just under six miles south west of the port city of Prince Rupert in the state of British Columbia, Canada, is Prince Rupert airport (IATA: YPR). The airport is one of many official airports of entry into the country and is patrolled and staffed by the Canadian border services agency, handling up to fifty passengers at a time disembarking from standard aviation commercial passenger flights.

The airport is positioned on Digby Island, thirty five metres above sea level. Although quite a busy airport in the local region it is still relatively small compared to some of Canada’s larger airports, with one runway, two stands for aircraft and a single passenger terminal. Passengers are typically forced to get a bus from the airport via ferry into downtown Prince Rupert, although there are many visitors who now opt to compare Prince Rupert airport car hire before arrival in order to make their travel arrangements that little more convenient.

Prince Rupert airport is served by a seaplane operated by the Prince Rupert and Seal Cover Water Aerodrome. This service provides flights on both a scheduled and charter basis to villages nearby and remoter locations in the region. Other services are operated by standard airlines including:

  • Air Canada Express, operated by Jazz Air flights to Vancouver 
  • Hawkair flights to Vancouver 
  • North Pacific Seaplanes flights to Sandspit and Masset 

With such a diverse list of destinations and many people deciding to visit the area in their spare time thanks to its rich cultural heritage, there is no wonder that Prince Rupert airport has become such an important piece of the local landscape in British Columbia.

A Jazz Air Flight At Prince Rupert Airport. Creative Commons Image Source:,_Prince_Rupert_BC.jpg 

Port Hardy Airport Car Rental

Found six miles south east of Port Hardy in the state of British Columbia in Canada, Port Hardy airport (IATA: YZT) is an official airport of entry into the country and as such is patrolled and staffed by the border services agency of Canada, although they can only handle fifteen passengers from standard aviation aircraft only.

With its close proximity to Port Hardy itself, the airport provides the local community with a hugely important transportation hub that links the district municipality with the rest of the country. The area is located on the north east coast of Vancouver Island and has a population of 4,008. Its location at the gateway to Cape Scott Provincial Park, which contains the North Coast Trail and Marine Trail, is brilliant for those travellers looking for a little bit of scenery during their time in the area.

Visitors to the area are keen to hit the trails and take part in various other activities that the district is now famous for. With wilderness adventures including scuba diving, caving, kayaking, surfing, camping and fishing, travellers really are able to have a huge adventure at every turn in the Port Hardy area.

The airport is served by Pacific Coastal Airlines with flights to Bella Coola, Bella Bella and, most importantly, Vancouver. Thanks to these services there have been a number of car hire companies that have set up near the airport, offering those arriving in the area an easier way to get around, even though the prices can be quite high if they haven’t compared Port Hardy airport car hire before they arrive.

A Plane At Port Hardy Airport, Canada. Creative Commons Image Source: 

Penticton Airport Car Rental

Serving over 80,000 passengers a year at the last official count, Penticton airport (IATA: YYF) is a regional airport found just over two miles south west of the city of Penticton in British Columbia, located in the Okanagan region of Canada. Owned, operated and maintained by Transport Canada, it serves the regions of West Kootenay, Similkameen and South Okanagan and was originally granted its airport license back in 1956.

Facilities at the airport are reasonable, with a restaurant, medical facility, accommodation and other buildings serving the 6,000 foot runway and the passengers who disembark from the aircraft landing on it. There have traditionally been three flights per day to Vancouver, providing an essential onward international connection, and there are always discussions taking place about expanding the number of flights and the airport itself despite it losing traffic to the nearby Kelowna international airport in recent years.

There has been much debate in the local community around how many services should be offered out of the airport, with many people desperately hoping for the introduction of WestJet services to the timetable. With the company now planning to extend its reach to Penticton airport and an additional flight to Vancouver likely to be scheduled each day, many car hire companies have decided to take root at the airport too. Many travellers opt to compare Penticton airport car hire before arrival in order to get the best deals, but there are ample facilities for those who haven’t done so to pick up a hire car easily.

A View From The South Of Penticton. Creative Commons Image Source:,_British_Columbia.JPG 

Carnarvon Airport Car Rental

The small Australian airport of Carnarvon (IATA: CVQ) lies in the town of the same name, approximately 900 kilometres north of the city of Perth. The town is found on the mouth of the Gascoyne River, where it meets the Indian Ocean, with a population of around 5,000. While the airport itself is one of the smallest in Australia, the town of Carnarvon is a bustling environment with the popular Shark Bay world heritage site lying to the south and the Ningaloo Reef to the north. With such close proximity to the coast the town enjoys a growing tourism trade – something which the airport is happy to help develop further.

With connections to Perth, Geraldton, Kalbarri and Monkey Mia, Carnarvon airport provides essential transport links between other areas of Australia thanks to services from Skippers Aviation, an airline based in Perth. A word of warning, though: with limited facilities at the airport itself it’s certainly wise to compare Carnarvon airport car hire before your trip to ensure you’re not going to be left stranded at any point during your journey. With Avis and Budget offering good deals, you’ll probably be able to find an affordable way to get around once you land at Carnarvon.

While tourism is an integral part of the airport and its function in the Carnarvon area, it also serves as an important transportation hub for miners who often travel to the area to work in the lucrative salt mine on the nearby Lake Macleod. The aerodrome also supports the transportation of labourers and products from the local banana plantations, as well as the community of sheep and cattle farmers in the area.

Nanaimo Airport Car Rental

One of the many smaller regional airports in Canada, Nanaimo airport (IATA: YCD) can be found just over eight miles south east of the city of Nanaimo in the state of British Columbia. The airport may be on the smaller side relative to the larger international airports in the country, however it is still officially classified as an airport of entry into the country and, as such, is staffed by the Canadian Border Services Agency.

The terminal at the airport has been named after Raymond Collishaw, who was born in the nearby city. The flying ace from the First World War had his name imprinted on the passenger terminal in 1999 as it was officially dubbed the Nanaimo-Collishaw terminal.

The airport serves several different destinations: Vancouver, Abbotsford, Victoria and Calgary. Air Canada Express, operated by Jazz Air flies to Vancouver only while Island Express Air has regular services to Abbotsford and Victoria. WestJet covers the Nanaimo to Calgary route. In addition to these commercial passenger services the airport serves cargo planes run by Orca Airways, with destinations such as Comox, Powell River, Tofino and Victoria.

There are a number of good public transport services in the area, although many visitors to the area arriving on commercial passenger flights opt to take advantage of the local car hire services in order to make the end part of their journey easier. Others decide to compare Nanaimo car hire before they arrive to save some money, but there are ample opportunities to hire on their day of arrival.

The City of Nanaimo. Creative Commons Image Source: 

Mont-Tremblant Airport Car Rental

Just under thirty miles north of Mont-Tremblant in Quebec, Canada, Mont Tremblant International airport (IATA: YTM) is found in the local township of La Macaza and was formerly named Rivière Rouge – Mont Tremblant. While it is a relatively small airport in terms of the size of aircraft that use the facility as well as overall number of passenger movements, there is no doubting the importance of this aerodrome in the local area.

Like many smaller airports in Canada, Mont Tremblant was originally constructed in 1962 as an emergency landing field for the Royal Canadian Air Force. Boeing built the runway to military specifications at 6,000 feet in length, and the airport soon became the home of the 447 SAM Squadron who packed a punch of just under thirty nuclear tip missiles.

The airport became civilian and, in 2000, gained international status despite many objections. Currently the airport has a small terminal building running along the east side of the runway and does not provide any aircraft hangars for taxiway storage. The airport is served by Porter Airlines during the skiing season and the summer, flying to Montreal-Trudeau, Toronto-Billy Bishop, Ottawa and Newark.

While the airport is approximately forty minutes away by taxi, many people arriving in the area take advantage of the local car hire facilities in order to have greater flexibility during their trip. The savviest travellers compare the prices of Mont Tremblant airport car hire before they arrive in order to save money, although there is always a car hire desk available for those who make the decision at the last minute.

Mont Tremblant, Thirty Miles From The Airport. Creative Commons Image Source: 

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Mont-Joli Airport Car Rental

Found just under two miles north west of the city of Mont-Joli in Quebec, Canada, Mont-Joli airport (IATA: YYY) is a relatively small airport in terms of scale, passenger numbers and aircraft movement, although it is still an important transport hub to the local area serving a number of different locations.

The history of the airport started back in 1940 when the Royal Canadian Air Force chose an area of land between the Mont-Joli Station and the Saint Lawrence River as a place to build a military airport. Construction started in October of 1941 and the completed RCAF Station Mont-Joli was opened in April 1942 with three paved runways and fifty buildings.

The airfield went on to be used for a bombing and gunnery school until the end of the second world war, mainly by the British Commonwealth’s Air Training Plan. The facility proved to be extremely important in defending Canadian war and cargo vessels from U-boats which were attempting to stifle the important Saint Lawrence Seaway shipping route.

Now, the airport is the busiest one in the eastern Quebec area, however it is still a huge way behind the Jean Lesage International airport in Quebec City or the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International airport in Montreal. Airlines flying from the two runways at the airport are:

  • Air Canada Express, operated by Jazz Air, flying to Baie-Comeau and Montreal-Trudeau. 
  • Pascan Aviation, flying to Bonaventure, Havre Saint-Pierre, Quebec City, Rouyn-Noranda, Val-d’Or and other nearby airports. 
Many travellers make sure to compare Mont-Joli airport car hire before setting out on their journey in order to get the best deal from the variety of car rental companies in the area.

Refuelling At Mont-Joli Airport. Creative Commons Image Source: 

London Airport Car Rental

Found just under six miles north east of the city of London in Ontario, Canada, London International airport (IATA: YXU) is one of Canada’s largest airports by passenger movements. In 2009 it hosted over half a million passengers and, more recently, it was twentieth in the rankings of most aircraft movements in the country, coming in at just under 100,000 in 2011.

Serving both cargo planes and a number of commercial passenger services too, the airport is an official airport entry into Canada and, as such, it is patrolled and staffed by the Canadian Border Services Agency. The CBSA currently set a limit of 180 passengers per aircraft, although they can ultimately handle more if disembarkation is spilt into several stages. First built in 1939, London airport was originally an air base commanded by the Commonwealth Air Training Plan, hosting training for many pilots from across the British Commonwealth as well as its former colonies. From the 90s onwards the airport has experienced extremely high rates of growth, especially when WestJet began offering services from the area. The terminal size has been increased and work finished on upgrading the facilities back in 2003.

Air Canada Express, operated by Jazz Air, offers services to Ottawa, Toronto-Pearson and Montreal, while United Express, operated by SkyWest Airlines, flies a service to Chicago-O’Hare. WestJet provides a regular flight to Calgary and there are other seasonal flights to destinations including Cancún, Orlando, Varadero and Winnipeg.

With such a variety of arrivals into the airport, it is often necessary for travellers to compare London airport car hire before they arrive in order to get the best deals, although there are a number of locally based car hire offices that will happily provide transportation at short notice if required.

Check In At London International Airport, Canada. Creative Commons Image Source: 

Gaspe Airport Car Rental

One of the very few airports in Canada operating without an air traffic control tower, Gaspé airport (IATA: YGP) can be found exactly four miles west of the city of Gaspé in Quebec. Also known as Michel-Pouliot Gaspé airport, the facility instead relies on weather instrument approaches and a connection to a mandatory frequency linked remotely to the flight service station found in Mont-Joli to assist pilots during take-off and landing.

Gaspé airport, much like the city itself, is located in a valley positioned in an east to west direction from the ocean to the highlands. This means that most, if not all aircraft approaching the airport tend to do so from the eastern ocean side in order to avoid the very steep descent over the western hills.

The airport was built in 1965 by Transport Canada who soon handed over control to the local authority in 1967, although they did continue to provide monetary subsidisation towards the upkeep of the facility. 1972 saw Gaspé airport add a terminal building and a hangar and service station followed soon afterwards in 1974.

There are limited services currently running out of Gaspé airport, although the facilities at the aerodrome are extremely good. Air Canada Express has regular flights from the airport to Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Montréal-Trudeau and, most importantly, Quebec City. Passengers arriving in the area from these airports are often left wondering how to get around in the local community, so there have been a number of car hire companies pop up at the airport, with many people comparing Gaspé airport car hire before they arrive in order to get the best deals.

View of the north part of the Gaspé Bay in Québec. Creative Commons Image Source: 

Banff Airport Car Rental

While the airport is now solely used for emergency landings and diverted routes, Banff airport (IATA: YBA) is still an important part of the local community, being only two miles north east of the town of Banff in Alberta, Canada. The airport is situated within a Canadian national park and, as such, it is operated by Parks Canada.

The runway at Banff airport has only recently been reopened for diversionary landings after a ten year closer came to an end in 2007. There are many in the local community who have objected strongly to the decision to reopen the runway, even for emergency landings, as they believe the initial closure has had a great benefit to local wildlife.

The town of Banff itself is nestled with Alberta’s Rocky Mountains and can be found along the Trans-Canada highway. The nearest city, Calgary, is just seventy eight miles to the east of the town, and many local residents enjoy escaping for a little piece of city life now and again. The town is the second highest settlement in Canada, just behind the nearby Lake Louise, meaning it is easy to feel a little isolated in the area.

The height and beauty of the region has transformed Banff into a resort town, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada. The area is renowned for its mountains, hot springs and outdoor sports which include skiing, biking and great hiking opportunities too. There seems to be something for everyone and even if visitors don’t fancy walking or making use of the public transport, they can compare Banff airport car hire before they arrive in the area if they want to be able to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’ that little bit easier.
The Old Banff Flying Club. Creative Commons Image Source: 

Wanganui Airport Car Rental

An airport with one of the newest designs in New Zealand, Wanganui airport (IATA: WAG) serves the city of Wanganui and is found in close proximity to the Wanganui Regional Helipad as well as the State Highway 3 and 4 junction, making it an important transportation hub in the local community as well as to New Zealand as a whole.

The city of Wanganui, also spelt as Whanganui, is a district on the western coast of New Zealand’s North Island. An urban area and part of the Manawatu-Wanganui region, it has lost its official city status following reorganisation of the island administrative system in 1989, however it is still regarded as a city by most of the local community. In reality the town is run by a district council, however it still possesses the hustle and bustle most New Zealanders associate with city life.

While Wanganui airport is not the biggest on the island, it still operates flights to several of the most crucial areas of the country. Air New Zealand Link, operated by Eagle Airways, provides regular flights to Wellington, Auckland and Taupo, providing an important connection from the area to the rest of New Zealand for tourists and local residents alike. With other public transport in the Wanganui area slightly lacking, companies such as Hertz and Avis now offer car hire services to those visiting the area. Many of those customers who opt to compare Wanganui car hire before setting off on their journey report that the savings they make combined with the convenience of being able to travel where and when they desire more than make up for the initial outlay on renting a vehicle.

Commuter aircraft at Wanganui airport. Creative Commons Image Source: 

Timaru Airport Car Rental

Named after the local aviation pioneer, Richard Pearse airport (IATA: TIU) is also commonly known as Timaru airport and can be found just four kilometres north of the suburb of Washdyke in Timaru, New Zealand. It has been alleged that Richard Pearse flew before the Wright Brothers and as such he is an important figure in the local aviation community. Despite being a relatively small airport with only three runways, two of which are grass and one asphalt, Timaru airport hosts regular flights to Wellington and occasional trips to Oamaru and Christchurch, all provided by Air New Zealand Linked operated by Eagle Airways.

The local area is close to the industrial suburb of Washdyke, which is home to the horse racing of Timaru. The racetrack is named after Phar Lap, arguably the most famous former resident of the local community. While the airport is important to the area, it isn’t the only form of public transport. The Main South Line railway runs through Washdyke and although passenger services were halted in 2002, the area has a reputation for coming together to provide ways of getting around via bus and car.

This need for more transportation in the area has ultimately led to the rise of several car hire companies running services from Timaru airport, including Avis, Hertz and Argus. Without an operational rail line and with other public transport limited, many tourists and those visiting the area on business compare Timaru airport car hire to get the best deal to ensure they save as much money as possible while having the convenience of their own car for the duration of their stay.

Timaru Airport, New Zealand. Creative Commons Image Source:


Wollongong Airport Car Rental

The airport found eleven miles south west of the city of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia, is often referred to as Wollongong airport (IATA: WOL), although its official name is the Illawarra Regional airport. Owned and operated by the local Shellharbour City Council, the airport itself is only an hour drive away from Sydney, meaning it is a great alternative for those who want to avoid the busy international airport.

Not only is the airport home to several tourism character operations, it houses the Light Aeronautics Industry Cluster as well as the Australian Aerial Patrol and the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society known as HARS. The airport has recently lost its QantasLink service to Melbourne airport which is an unfortunately step back for the facility despite its proximity to Sydney.

With the lack of any real commercial passenger flights, the airport has stepped up to offer an affordable alternative to the Sydney Basin airports for those people looking to land light aircraft or chartered tourist flights in the area. With no real restrictions on airspace or other controls, Wollongong airport has become a brilliant transport hub for tourists and businesses alike.

While the airport runway length is suitable for larger passenger jets including the Boeing 737, the composition of the pavements are only suitable for aircraft under a weight of 25,000, excluding all but the lightest of aircraft. This problem, combined with environmental and noise pollution issues, is currently limiting the possibility of the aircraft being a major transport hub, despite how close it is to Sydney. Those planning to head to the area would be wise to compare Wollongong airport car hire before travelling to make the biggest savings.

A HARS Neptune at Wollongong Airport. Creative Commons Image Source:,_Wollongong_New_South_Wales.jpg 

Whyalla Airport Car Rental

An airport which used to be renowned for a number of charter jets arriving and departing on a daily basis, Whyalla airport (IATA: WYA) is just under five miles south west of the city of Whyalla in South Australia.

The airport is currently operated by the Council of the City of Whyalla and has been since 1991 when it was handed over by the Federal Labor Party. The important transport hub has unfortunately lost its high pavement classification number which allowed heavy aircraft to make use of the airport, and so now Whyalla is only served by smaller passenger planes. Locally, the issues with the runway are often blamed on the Department of Defence who used the airport to land C-130 planes until they were forbidden from doing so due to the damage caused to the surface.

After the significant increase in the local mining operation, the city of Whyalla would undoubtedly make a brilliant location for increased investment but its airport lacks the infrastructure and facilities to support commercial jet flights. As such, the only airline operating out of the airport currently is Regional Express Airlines, who offer a regular fast transfer service to Adelaide where passengers can board onward international connections. While there are dwindling passenger numbers at Whyalla there are good facilities in the terminal building itself, including a number of car hire options for those people visiting the area and wanting to get around a little more easily than public transport might allow. Many decide to compare Whyalla car hire prices online before making their journey, but others report that the competitive pricing at the airport is good enough that they don’t need to bother.

View of Whyalla town. Creative Commons Image Source: Kerry Raymond at the English language Wikipedia - 

Broken Hill Airport Car Rental

Ranked regularly as around the fiftieth busiest airport of Australia’s 103-strong hubs, Broken Hill Airport (IATA: BHQ) can be found approximately three miles south east of the town of Broken Hill in New South Wales, Australia. The airport is probably known best as the base of the south eastern Royal Flying Doctor Service and is renowned as a very important link in the chain when it comes to delivering urgent medical treatment to the outback.

Along with its Flying Doctor function, the Broken Hill Airport is also used extensively by the mining industry due to its proximity to key mines and collection facilities. The airport does serve one commercial passenger airline, Regional Express, providing connections to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Dubbo and Mildura, however it does not serve any international flights. Whilst it is a relatively small airport, its facilities include Broken Hill car hire services served by firms such as Hertz and Avis. A café is also on site as well as express air freight services and a number of charter companies if you are looking to hire an aircraft.

Broken Hill itself is world famous for its mines including lead, silver and zinc, and with mining operations expected to continue until at least 2020, it is only natural to assume that Broken Hill airport will remain an integral part of the area, providing a key transportation link to and from Australia’s main cities for workers keen to move to the area, as well as tourists wanting to see what all the fuss is about.

Royal Flying Doctor Service plane at Broken Hill Airport. Creative Commons Image Source:

Taree Airport Car Rental

One of the fastest growing airports in Australia is Taree airport (IATA: TRO), which can be found just under four miles north east of the city of Taree in the state of New South Wales. Located on the mid north coast of Australia, the area is a relatively short four hour drive to Sydney and the airport which serves the local community has been successful in attracting a number of new investments in recent years, boosting the regional economy as well as the facilities available.

The presence of Taree airport in the local area is expected to be boosted by investment gained, since most of the money will be put towards improving the facilities for passengers, pilots and businesses making use of this important transport hub. A number of businesses already occupy the airport as a base of operations including a skydiving school, aircraft manufacturer and aircraft restorer.

The airport is served by Regional Express Airlines, which flies regular short haul services not only to nearby Sydney, but also to Grafton on the northern edge of New South Wales. Passenger numbers have steadily grown over the 20,000 mark and this has led to an influx of car hire companies offering deals to tourists including Hertz, Budget and Thrifty.

Many of those who choose to hire a car do so before they travel, ensuring that they have compared the best Taree airport car hire prices before setting out on their journey to avoid paying more than they need to at the airport.
The old Pacific Highway at Taree. Creative Commons Image Source: