Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rio Grande Airport Car Rental

The Hermes Quijada International airport is in the city of Rio grande, under the province of Tierra del Fuego of Argentina. This airport operates under the control of Aeropuertos of Argentina and covers an area of about 80,000 square metre for runway. The passenger traffic got increased in this airport.  In 2006 the passenger traffic is only just 14,345, but it increased to 38,901 in 2007. There is a separate terminal for cargo in Rio Grande airport.

The hotels present near the Rio grande airport are the Lennox Hotel, Best Western Finis Terrae hotel, Apart Hotel Libertador ,Hosteria Del Recodo, Via Rondine Hotel and Calafate Parque Hotel. In Rio grande airport shuttles, taxis, buses are available to take passengers from the airport to Rio grande city. In Rio Grande airport public bus, Rio Grande Airport Car Rental and private bus operation is available. In Rio grande, bus is the cheapest mode for ground transportation. In a public bus, time taken by it to reach the destination is more and space available to carry luggage is less compared to a private bus. So a preferable mode of transport would be cars/taxis. Rail transportation facility is also available near this airport which includes Rio Grande airport public subway. This subway connects metro cities nearby Rio Grande.

For longer distance, passengers can afford rail transportation since it is cheap and provides quick connection to the destination. Rio Grande airport rail is available for passengers who prefer to go within Rio Grande city, but carrying heavy luggage rails are not advisable.

Airports which are nearby Rio Grande airport are Ushuaia airport, Punta Arenas airport ,Puerto Natales airport, Rio Gallegos airport and and  El Calafate airport.

Airlines using Rio Grande airport includes:
  1. LADE
  2. Aerolíneas  Argentinas
  3. Sol Líneas Aéreas
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