Monday, February 18, 2013

Porto Seguro Car Rental

The Porto Seguro airport has undergone massive renovations and expansion to serve international football teams to visit Porto seguro for training camps in 2014. Moreover, the Porto Seguro city receives plenty of tourists mainly from Portugal, Argentina, France, Israel and the United States for beautiful sights and warm hospitality that the city has to offer. To serve tourists, Porto Seguro has numerous luxury and economical hotels with quality services. The runway of the Porto Seguro airport is good enough to handle Airbus A310 and Boeing 737. Other than tourism, the city has agriculture as one of the key economical activity. It produces coconuts and cashew apples! The cargo services of the airport offer easy transportation of fruits and other goods for the purpose of export and import. Major destinations of the flights from Porto Seguro airport include cities like Belo Horizonte – Confins, Salvador Da Bahia, Vitoria and many others.

Major Airlines Using Porto Seguro Airport Are:
  • Air Italy
  • AZUL Brazilian Airlines
  • Andes Lineas Aereas
  • TAM Airlines
  • GOL Airlines
  • TRIP Lineas Aereas
The Porto Seguro airport is conveniently connected with the main city through regular and frequent services of busses, taxis and rented cars that are easily available at the airport. Besides this, other major services for the comfort of passengers include exclusive shopping centers, swift banking services with currency exchange, fine dining food courts and ample vehicle parking space. The Porto Seguro airport also has an aircraft parking and complete tourists assistance to make their journey very relaxed and hassle free.

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