Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Natal Airport Car Rental

Natal city of Brazil is being served by Augusto Severo international airport that is managed by Infraero. The airport is situated in the municipality of adjoining place called Parnamirim and that is why its old name was Parnamirim airport. The airport got its new name after an aviator Augusto Severo De Albuquerque Maranhao. This airport is conveniently located at just a distance of 18 kilo meters from the main city of Natal. Brazilian Air Force shares some services of the Natal airport.

The Augusto Severo international airport at Natal had a vital role in World War 2 and its services were shared with Brazil and United States. The current passenger terminal at the Natal airport was 2000 in an area of 11,560 meter square and has a capacity to handle 1.5 millions of passengers every year. The entire airport complex is structured on an area of 13,418,371.07 meter square that contains track of dimension 1800 X 455 and 2600 X 45 meters. The airport also has an aircraft parking and it is good enough to hold up to 25 medium sized aircrafts. The Augusto Severo international airport at natal has over 32 daily flights with connecting major cities of Brazil, such as, Amsterdam, Milan-Malpensa, Brasilia and many others. Besides this, the airport also receives international flights mainly from Madrid, Portugal, London, Milan and Amsterdam.

Major Airlines Using Augusto Severo international airport are:
  • Avianca Brazil
  • GOL Airlines
  • Arkefly
  • Air Italy
  • TAM Airlines
  • TRIP Linhas Aereas
  • TAP Portugal
  • AZUL Brazilian Airlines
The airport is well connected to the main city with frequent services of buses, Natal Airport Car Rental and taxis. Other services at the airport include vehicle parking for up to 500 vehicles, banking facilities, and duty free shopping centers. The airport also has cargo services to support the economical activities of the city.

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