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Mar Del Plata Airport car rental

Mar Del Plata is a wonderful coastal city situated at the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and is served by the Astor Piazzolla International airport. The name of the Mar Del Plata airport is on the name of a musician who was born in the city. Astor Piazzolla airport is conveniently located at 7 Km north from the center of Mar Del Plata city. It is a huge airport spread over 436 hectares of area and is controlled by Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 S.A.

In Argentina, Mar Del Plata is the number two largest city of the Buenos Aires region. The name of the city of Mar Del Plata means “sea of the plate region”. Being on the coast, Mar Del Plata serves as the biggest fishing port and major beach resort of Argentina. That is why Mar Del Plata becomes the main city to attract tourists to make tourism the key economic activity of the city. Astor Piazzolla International airport provides domestic and International flights being operated by Austral Airlines. Mar Del Plata city also has a multi-purpose stadium with an infrastructure of Olympic standard. This again adds to the city tourism during major sports events.

The present time terminal was built in 1978 for FIFA World Cup. The Pan America Games in 1994 had the terminal expanded and then in 1998 Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 S.A. took over to give it the current look.

Major airlines using Astor Piazzolla airport are
  • Austral Lineas Aereas
  • Sol lineas Aereas
  • Lade
Astor Piazzolla international airport has daily domestic & international flights and weekly flights to Pantagonia. The main destinations include El Calafate, Buenos Aires-Aeroparque, Puerto Madryn, Viedma, San Carlosde Bariloche, Bahia Blanca, San Antonio Oeste and Trelew.  With the runway length of 7218 ft, Astor iazzolla international airport offers comfortable services of Mar del plata Airport Car Rental and excellent facilities to local passengers and visitors.

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