Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Joinville Airport Car Rental

Joinville city is being served by the Lauro carneiro De Loyola airport. The airport has its name on a Brazilian politician and entrepreneur. It is accessible at just 14 km away from the main city of joinville. Like many other Brazilian airports, Lauro carneiro De Loyola airport is also being managed by Infraero.

The newly constructed passenger terminal got opened in March 2004 to spread over an area of 4,000 m² that can easily handle 500,000 passengers every year. Joinville is a developing city with great infrastructure and business opportunities. Joinville is also famous to hold largest dance event (Joinville dance festival) every year in July month. This attracts a lot of tourists and business executives to utilize top class services of transportation at the Lauro carneiro De Loyola airport. Besides this, the city also assembles plenty of visitors for its lush zoo, botanical garden, beautiful churches and numerous tropical beaches. The city of joinville sees plenty of students and job seekers visiting for higher education and better opportunities as the city has some biggest industries and sophisticated institutes and that is why Joinville city is also referred as the technical and economical hub of Brazil.

Various flights from the Lauro carneiro De Loyola airport have major Brazilian cities as their destination like Campinas, Porto Alegre, Criciuma and many others.

Major airlines using Lauro carneiro De Loyola airport are
  • GOL airlines
  • TAM Airlines
  • AZUL Brazilian Airlines
  • TRIP Linhas Aereas
Other services at the Lauro carneiro De Loyola airport include 12 check-in counters with automated screens for flight information. The airport also facilitates duty free shopping, prompt banking and exquisite dining to its passengers. It is also well connected with the main city through regular bus, Joinville Airport Car Rental, and taxis providing a comfortable travelling experience to its passengers.

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