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Imperatriz Airport Car Rental

Situated at a short distance of 4 km from the lovely city of Imperatriz is the Prefeito Renato Moreira aiport that serves as the key airport for the city. The airport gets its name from one of the mayors of the city. Imperatriz has had an old airport during the times of World War 2 that was often affected by floods in rainy climates. In the year 1981, the new airport was inaugurated at a new location and the old one was closed for operation. Like plenty of other airports in Brazil, Prefeito Renato Moreira at Imperatriz is also being managed by Infaero.

The core economical activities in the city include timber extraction, power generation, and paper factories. The city also provides a passage for goods transfer to and from Maranhao, Para and Tocantins. Besides this, the city is also a center for mining of metals. All these business activities at Imperatriz are being well supported by the Prefeito Renato Moreira airport. Apart from this, a major chunk of the total population of Imperatriz is involved in food processing and agriculture. The city also provides labor to the neighboring cities.

The airport has a total area of 3,000,000 m² with a passenger terminal area of 1,082 m². The airport also has an aircraft parking area to hold 12 aircrafts and track of 1,798X45 m². The Prefeito Renato Moreira airport connects major destinations including Brasilia and Teresina and Sao Luis.

Airlines using Prefeito Renato Moreira airport are
  • TAM Airlines
  • GOL Airlines
  • PUMA Air
To cater best services to its passengers, Prefeito Renato Moreira airport is conveniently connected with the main city via regular bus services, Imperatriz Airport Car Rental and taxis. The airport also provides vehicle parking for up to 59 vehicles and also has luggage storage. Other passenger’s facilities at the airport include pay phones, shopping centers, banking and travel consultancy.

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