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Goiania Airport Car Rental

Santa Genoveva is the name of the airport that is serving the Brazilian city of Goiania. Managed by Infraero, this airport is very conveniently located at a short distance of just 8 km from the main city. The airport has a capacity to handle over 6, 00,000 passengers every year with runways suitable for aircrafts like Airbus 320, B 767 and B-707. The runway of 2,500X45 yards provides smooth landing and takeoff of the aircrafts.

Goiania has tourism as one of the main fiscal activity and thus the Santa Genoveva airport has been handling 4 times more passengers every year than its normal capability. Main tourist spot include Parque Zoologico, snake research center, and Buriti Park. The airport has great dimensions with total are to equal 3,967,365.04 m²; 11,000 m² is for aircraft courtyard while 2,500X45 m ² is occupied by the track. A huge aircraft parking space to hold up to as much as 30 aircrafts is also present at the airport. It has two terminals, one for cargo and one passenger terminals. The passenger terminal has an expansion to equal 7,650 m².

Another main activity at Goiania is agriculture. The supply of agricultural tools, goods, fertilizers and other similar product contribute to keep the Santa Genoveva airport crowded with the shipments and cargos to be transported. Santa Genoveva airport at Goiania has regular domestic flights connecting key cities of Brazil that mainly includes places like Araguaina, Brasilia, Rio Verde, Uberlandia and many others.

Major Airlines using Santa Geniveva Airport:
  • Azul Brazilian Airlines
  • Sete Linhas Aereas
  • GOL Airlines
  • TRIP Linhas Aereas
  • TAM Airlines
Being well connected through local bus and Goiania Airport car rental transports, Santa Genoveva airport is a very convenient location for passengers. The airport also holds special services of banking, shopping and dining.

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