Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Freeport Airport Car Rental

In Bahamas the airport which has the longest runway is the Grand Bahamas International Airport. This airport is located in Freeport, Bahamas (a city which is located in the northwest direction of Bahamas). This city is 36 miles away from Palm Beach, Florida and the climate which prevails in Freeport is tropical with little winters.  The other name of this airport is “Freeport airport” named after the city where it is located. It is a privately owned International airport.  This is one among the airports in Bahamas with US border clearing facility. The largest aircraft is also handled in this airport.

In United States all major cities in Eastern Seaboard is close to this airport. The main features present in this airport are Cargo handling service and all aviation services are available. Shuttles, buses, Freeport Airport Car Rental and taxis are available for ground transportation from this airport to the Freeport city. Private taxis are also available here. There is a building for disabled passengers as well. In international terminal there is a restaurant with bar facility is available. For communication there is also a post office at the Grand Bahamas International airport.

Hotels present near Grand Bahamas International airport are Dundee Bay Villas, Castaways Resort and Suites, Island Resort and Golf Club, Royal Palm Resort and Suites, Taino Beach Resort and   Fortuna Beach.  Among them Royal Farm Resort and Suites is very nearer to this airport. It is within 2km from this airport. These hotels provide shuttles to passengers to travel within city.

Airlines using Grand Bahama International Airport includes
  1. American Eagle
  2. Bahamasair
  3. Xtra Airways
  4. Blue Panorama
  5. Delta Air Lines
  6. SkyBahamas Airlines   
  7. US Airways   
  8. PSA Airlines  
  9. Western Air   
  10. WestJet   
  11. XL Airways France
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 Freeport Airport Video:

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