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Florianopolis Airport Car Rental

The Hercilio Luz international airport at Florianopolis, Brazil has its name on Hercilio Pedro de Luz who has been governor of Santa Catarina for 3 times. This international airport is presently being managed by Infraero and shares some of its services with the Air Force of Brazil. Total area covered by the Hercilio luz international airport equals to 9,086,589 m² with passenger terminal of 12,583m² with a capacity to handle 1,100,000 passengers. Out of all the Brazilian airports, this airport holds 14th position in terms of traffic handled.

Hercilio Luz International airport has a clear weather almost whole year and this makes it to be the most suitable airport for landing and takeoff for many airlines when the climatic conditions are unfavorable at other runways. Moreover, the airport reflects the rich culture and beauty of Santa Catarina with spectacular and huge artisan tapestries along with beautiful sceneries created by Azorean migrants. After the construction of new passenger terminal, the old one is being used as the cargo terminal. The year of 1995, had the Hercilio Luz International airport upgraded to serve as an international airport to receive charter flights from Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. The domestic flights have Brasilia, Porto Alegre,Curitiba and many other places as major destinations.

Major Airlines using Hercilio Luz International airport include
  • Azul Brazilian Airlines
  • Aerolineas argentinas
  • GOL Airlines
  • TAM Airlines
  • TRIP Linhas Aereas
Apart from these passenger airlines, Total Linhas Aereas Airlines uses the airport for cargo services. The airport is suitably located just 14 km far from the city of Florianopolis. Regular and convenient bus and Florianopolis Airport Car Rental services connect the main city with the airport. Superior amenities at the airport like lavish shopping centers, fine dining restaurants and easy banking services makes it to be a traveler’s joy. The airport also provides 30 check-in counters with huge parking for 500 vehicles and a huge aircraft parking to hold 9 aircrafts.

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