Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cuiaba Airport Car Rental

Cuiaba the capital city of Brazilian state Mato Grosso is a major metropolitan state in South America. The airport serving from Cuiaba is the Marechal Rondon International airport named in honor of the amazing Brazilian explorer Marshall Candido Mariano da Silva Rondon. The operator for this airport is Infraero. Airport took its birth in 1956 and took various stages of development from time to time. This airport is about 6 miles to downtown Cuiaba. Many car rental services like Cuiaba Airport Car Rental are easily accessible from many parts of the city to reach aerodrome at reasonable service charges. This city is home town for federal University of Mato Grosso.

For the upcoming 2014 FIFA World cup, Cuiaba is one of the places where games are going to be hosted. The main arena for games will be the Arena pantanal which can hold a capacity of 42000 people. Cuiaba city has rich culture derived from Portuguese, and hence they have Portuguese as their local language. Cuiaba Airport connects many major cities of Brazil and a good number of international flight services are also available from this hanger. Cuiaba is located on a transition zone where three most important ecosystems namely Amazonia, cerrado and Pantanal. Cuiaba is otherwise known as “Southern gate to the Amazon”.

Cuiaba is considered as the largest place for tourism, trade, business and other agriculture based businesses from Mato Grosso. Hence, a very good traffic of about 900,000 commuters travelled from the Airport last year and this is expected to be raised more. Tourism is now being made one of the major sources to attract the tourists from many parts of the world and this in turn will generate good income. This is achieved by providing good transportation facilities to commute i.e. by rental cars, buses, and other means. Cuiaba has received good funds to take its new look very soon for the next upcoming FIFA games and is soon going to be crowded with many game lovers.

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