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Chapeco Airport Car Rental

The major city which covers the western part of Santa Carina state in Brazil is Chapeco .The standard of living in Chapeco city is higher with high literacy rate. The airport serving this city is the Serafin  Enoss Bertaso airport. Serafin Enoss Bertaso airport is operated and maintained by the government of Santa Catarina state. This airport is also called as Chapeco airport named after the city where it is located. Type of this airport is Public.  Serafin Enoss Bertaso Airport is situated 10 km away from the city Chpaleco. On March 18, 1978 terminals of this airport was officially inaugurated. In order to develop this airport, government of Santa Catarina state started a plan to extend the area and length of runway. It was officially announced in 2010 and work is in progress.

Hotels which provide accommodation for passengers moving out from Chapelco airport are Golden hotel, Bristol Multy Lang Palace Hotel, Harbor self Erechim, Almasty hotel and Klein Ville Termas hotel. Among these hotels Golden hotel is nearer to Chapelco airport .It is about 3.4 km distance   away from the airport. Shuttles and Chapeco Airport Car Rental are provided by the airport authority to reach the hotel for passengers. Private taxis and other public transports are also available near this airport. Fare in airport shuttles is cheap when compared to private taxis. Hotels will provide taxis for their guest to move deep into the Chapeco city. Rail transportation is also available here. For long distance travel rail transportation is feasible for passengers.

Airlines using Chapeco airport includes
  1. Avianca Brazil Azul
  2. GOL Airlines
  3. NHT Linhas Aereas
  4. TAM Brazilian Airlines 
  5. Ocean air 
  6. Sky Express 
  7. ANA All Nippon airways 
  8. City connexion Airlines 
  9. Hellas jet 
  10. Gol  Transportes
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