Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cascavel Airport Car Rental

The airport serving the city of Cascavel is the Adalberto Mendes da silva airport. This city is in the Parana state of Brazil and it is located in the western part of the state. It is 781metre above the sea level. This airport is also popularly called as the Cascavel airport. This airport was officially inaugurated on Nov 12, 1977. Local flight transportation is only available in this airport. Flights are available from all Brazilian airports to this airport. This airport is maintained by the Cascavel municipality. Aeroportos do Parana supervise the maintenance of this airport. According to 2011 record, passenger traffic in this airport was about 50,651 and aircraft operation was about 5,430. In order to deal with the increased traffic at the airport, the authority has planned to extend the runway and the runway in this airport is made up of Asphalt surface.

Hotels which provide accommodation for passengers from Cascavel airport are Bourbon Cascavel Express hotel, Harbor Querencia hotel, Grand Prix hotel, Deville Express Cascavel and Olinda park hotel. Among these hotels Bourbon Cascavel hotel is nearer and it is just about 5 miles away from this airport. Cascavel airport provide shuttles and Cascavel Airport Car Rental for their passengers to reach nearby hotels .Hotels will arrange taxis for their guests according to the passenger’s request. Private taxis and public transports are also available for passengers to travel deep into the city. But airport shuttles are more comfortable for passengers because they are cheap in fare compared to private transports. Rail transportation is also available near Cascavel airport. Long rail transportation is feasible for passengers for long travel to move away from Cascavel city.

Airlines using Cascavel airport includes:
  • Azul Linhas 
  • Aereas Brasileiras
  • TRIP Linhas Aereas
  • TAM Brazilian Airlines
  • Hellas Jet
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