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Campo Grande Airport Car Rental

The International airport at Campo Grande is also known as Antonio Joao International airport that is located just 7 km away from the main Brazilian city of Campo Grande. The airport borrows its name from the place where it is located. Even though some facilities of the airport are shared by the Air Force, Antonio Joao International airport still connects main cities of Brazil and many other international locations. This airport has two runways capable enough to handle average sized aircrafts like Airbus A320 and Boeing 737. In the year of 2012, this airport handled over 1.6 million passengers!

Campo Grande city is the capital of the state of Mato Grasso Do Sul. It also is the largest city in Brazil. The populace of the Campo Grande city includes many immigrants who are Japanese, Armenian, Germans, Asian, Paraguayans and many more. A mixed reflection of culture and lifestyle can clearly be seen in Campo Grande. The large population of the city contributes to the huge traffic at the Antonio Joao international airport for the purpose of transportation and cargo.

Major airlines using Antonio Joao International airport are
  • GOL Airlines
  • TAM Airlines
  • Azul Brazilian Airlines
  • TRIP Linhas Aereas
  • Avianca Brazil
The Campo Grande airport is being operated by Infraero with total area of 10,802,318.30 m². The airport also has an aircraft parking area to hoard 43 positions. Main destinations of the flights from Antonio Joao international airport include cities like Brasilia, Aracatuba, Rio de Janeiro and many more. The incredible passenger services at the airport includes huge parking up to 280 places, 24 check in counters and 4 boarding rooms. Moreover, the airport is very conveniently connected to main city through swift local transport and Campo Grande Airport Car Rental. Rental cars and taxis are readily available at the airport to make the overall experience of passengers to be extremely comfortable.

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