Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Belem Airport Car Rental

Belem, the city of Brazil is being served by the Val de Cans airport that is named after the neighboring place where the airport is situated. This airport is shared as a military airbase as well and it had a significant role in World War 2 to provide transport for people, equipments and aircrafts. The airport can easily be accessed at a distance of just 12 kilometers from the main city of Belem. After many expansions and renovation, Val de Cans airport is also named as Julio Cezr Rebeiro de Souza in 2010 after the name of a balloon researcher.

Infraero is presently operating the Val de Cans airport and consists of two runways. They are tough enough to proficiently handle the transportation needs of military as well as civil aviation. The newly built terminal provides great passenger area and ample space to operate 6 jet ways. It links all the main cities of Brazil via major Brazilian airlines. The main destinations of flights from Val de cans airport include cities like Brasilia, Palmas, Aaltamira, Araguaina and many others.

Major airlines using Val de Cans airport are
  • Gol Airlines
  • SETE linhas Aereas
  • TAM Airlines
  • Azul Brazilian Airlines
  • TRIP linhas Aereas
  • Surinam Airways
  • Passaredo linhas Aereas
Val de Cans airport of Brazil is also well connected to the main city through Belem Airport Car rental and the best of local transportation facilities right from the airport. Other services to be available at the airport include pro parking, banking and shopping. The airport meets the passenger’s expectations with superior security and transportation services. Val de Cans airport is listed in the top 15 busiest airports of Brazil with number of passengers handled annually to be as huge as 2 million and more! Val de Cans airport also has a significant fraction in the development of investment, tourism, and general economy of the city.

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