Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Aracaju Airport Car Rental

Aracaju is a city in Brazil and Tourists from all over the world visit this bustling city .The airport located in this city is the Santa Maria airport. This airport is maintained by Infraero. Santa Maria airport is located just about 12 km away from the city Aracaju and 3.5 km away from the world’s famous beach Atalia. The official inauguration of this airport was done in January 19, 1958. The runway and passenger terminal was extended in 1961.The runway was further extended in 1993 and in 1998 passenger terminal was extended further. All national, domestic, international flights from all over the world operate in this airport.

Airports which are close to Santa Maria airport are Palmares Airport, Paulo Afonso Airport, Feira De Santana Airport, Luis Eduardo Magalhaes Airport , Cachoeira Airport. Hotels which provide accommodation for passengers from Santa Maria airport are Alto Da Praia Hotel,Celi Hotel Aracaju,  Hotel Litoral  , Hotel Pousada Do Sol  ,Radisson Hotel Aracaju  ,Real Praia Hotel. All these hotels are just 2 km away from this airport. The airport authority of Santa Maria airport provide shuttles, buses, Aracaju Airport car rental and taxis for passengers to carry them from airport to nearby hotels. Private buses and taxis are also available for passengers to move into Aracaju city. Hotels will arrange taxis as per the passenger’s request. Aracaju city has excellent ground transport facility. Buses and shuttles are operated frequently to travel from this city to passenger’s destination. All bus, shuttle and taxi service availability are provided by airport authority on passenger request.

Airlines using Santa Maria Airport includes
  1. City  Connexion  Airlines
  2. Hellas Jet    
  3. Air Paradise International
  4. TAM Brazilian Airlines   
  5. TRIP Linhas A
  6. Ocean air
  7. Gol Airlines    
  8. Azul Brazilian Airlines     
  9. Avianca Brazil
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