Monday, May 28, 2012

Rental Cars for NBA PLAYOFFS!!

By Bosy_bobsy - Flickr
The NBA playoffs are upon us! A monumental time each year and  not-to-be-missed games.  If you're heading to the games in a city that's not your own, get a rental car when you fly into the airport.

Games days and Cities:

Eastern Conference Finals - Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat 

Game 2: in Miami on the 30 May
Game 3: in Boston on the 1st June
Game 4: in Boston on the 3rd June
Game 5: in Miami on the 5th June
Game 6: in Boston on the 7th June and
Game 7 (if they need it): in Miami on the 9th June

Western Conference Final - Oklahoma City Thunder vs San Antonio Spurs 

Game 2: 29th May in Oklahoma city
Game 3: 31st May in San Antonio
Game 4: 2nd June in San Antonio
Game 5: 4th June in Oklahoma city
Game 6: 6th June in San Antonio
Game 7 (if needed): 10th June in Oklahoma city

Book a rental car online so you don't miss out when you arrive at the airport.

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