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Getting to The Winery Tour 2012.

By Bob Jones - Creative commons

Why not enjoy a beautiful summer evening listening to pure kiwi music, surrounded by a spectacular outdoor setting in some of New Zealand's best winery's. Join 'The Winery Tour 2012'. Enjoy a drop of New Zealand Wine while being serenaded by Dave Baxter's dulcet tones and his 6 piece band Avalanche city, dance to Gin Wigmore's raw and emotional voice and reminisce when Don McGlashan and the Mutton birds fire up. With events in Wineries all around the country, even if you're busy when your local show is on, you'll surely be able to catch one somewhere else.

Don McGlashan
Don McGlashan
By Angela n. - Flickr Commons

The concerts are outdoors so come prepared for rain, hail or shine as the show will only stop under exceptional circumstances. As the wineries are mainly out in the country, the best option is to drive to each place and most have ample parking for you.

If you can't make your local show, fly to one that suits you for a perfect evening and rent a car from the airport. You'll even be able to rent a chair at most destinations so you don't have to worry about taking a chair on your flight.

The following are shows still to be held and the most handy airports to the venue. Book a car through the link that follows each location.

10 February - Tauranga.
This beautiful harbourside town brings you the concert on the corner of Cameron Road and Hamilton street. With a less than 15 minute drive to the location, fly in and have a car waiting for you at Tauranga Airport. Book through Tauranga Airport Car Hire.

11 February - Gisborne
Sit amongst the vines at Brunton Road, Gisborne. Less than 20 minutes from the airport, fly in and take a quick drive through the vineyards. Book a car for your stay through Gisborne Airport Car Hire.

12 & 13 February - Havelock North
The spectacular Black Barn Vineyard brings you a stunning amphitheatre which has been described as one of the best venues in the country. Fly into Napier airport and drive 30 minutes to the venue. Book a rental car for however long you want to stay through Napier Airport Car Hire.

18 February - The Mud house Winery and Cafe, Waipara
A 40 minute drive through beautiful New Zealand countryside from Christchurch airport will bring you to the Waipara Winery. Fly into Christchurch Airport and drive to the show in a rental car already waiting for you. Book through Christchurch Airport Car Hire.

19 February - Logan Park, Dunedin
Relax for the evening 10 minutes out of Dunedin CBD. Lounge around on a blanket or deckchair listening to the tunes of summer. A less than 40 minutes drive from the airport will bring you to your location. Book a car for your stay through Dunedin Airport Car Hire.

21 February - Olssens Vineyard, Cromwell.
Fly into the spectacular Queenstown airport and drive for 45 minutes through fantastic New Zealand country side to Cromwell. Book a car through Queenstown Airport Car Hire.

23 February - Villa Maria Estate, Blenheim
Join the tour in one of New Zealand's most famous vineyards, Villa Maria Estate. The Marlborough region produces some of New Zealand's best wines, so enjoy a glass on your thursday evening listening to fantastic kiwi music. Fly into Blenheim and take a quick ten minute drive to Villa Maria Estate. Book a car through Blenheim Airport Car Hire.

25 February - Alana Estate, Martinborough
90km from Wellington Airport is the beautiful Alana Estate Vineyard in Martinborough. Spend your Saturday basking in the sun listening to beautiful music sipping on lovely wine. Have a car ready for when you land in Wellington Airport. Book through Wellington Airport Car Hire.

26 February - Sentry Hill Winery, New Plymouth
Taste the Taranaki vintage in New Plymouth on what will be a beautiful Sunday. Fly into New Plymouth airport hire a car and in less than 15 minutes you'll be at the award winning vineyard, Sentry Hill. Book a car ahead through New Plymouth Airport Car Hire.

2 March - Viligrad Winery, Hamilton
Start your weekend well at Viligrad Winery listening to beautiful kiwi music. With only a quick 20 minute trip from the airport, fly in from anywhere in the country and have a car waiting for you. Book ahead through Hamilton Airport Car Hire.

3 March - Villa Maria Estate, Auckland
Join the final night of the tour in Villa Maria Estate Winery in Auckland. If you've missed out on all the others be sure not to miss the final night of this fantastic summer event. Fly into Auckland Airport and an easy ten minutes away you'll find the Estate. Have a car ready at Auckland Airport, book ahead through Car Rental Auckland Airport.

Don't miss out on The Winery Tour 2012. Catch any one of the many great nights all over New Zealand.

If you want to fly into another airport - use this handy Car Rental App (for Androids and iPhones) to find a rental car at your destination airport.

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