Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rental Car Rally- Crazy On Wheels

For those looking for a sense of achievement, plus an excuse to dress up and act like crazies- Rental Car Rally might just be for you. Not exactly a race, the team who hits the checkpoints (including sites like abandoned airfields, giant decommissioned howitzers, airplane graveyards, etc), has the best costumes and the lowest odometer score wins.

Rental Car photo by
Bo Jacobsen Flickr Creative Commons

Participants are warned to expect "good times and possible incarceration," along with "sheriffs who'll accuse you of pedophilia, casino owners unamused by costumed gamblers, and bar managers who will kindly referee an impromptu Greco-Roman wrestling match."

Ticket price (which varies wildly depending on the inclusions) includes a contact sheet, instructions for the rally, entry to the rally and its pre- and post- parties, condoms, cigarettes, bottle bombs.. that kind of thing. Car rental is not included.

Upcoming rallies include LA to Vegas in June, Austin to New Orleans in September and NYC in October.

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