Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stansted Airport Gets a Dose of Bad Medicine

We’re sure that there are plenty of good jokes to be gleaned from this one so we’ll just give you the story and let you take it from there.

UK Border Security has revealed that a cache of 50,000 fake Viagra tablets was seized at Stansted Airport.
The discovery was made in October of last year and the little blue pills have since been destroyed. The haul was said to be worth about £25,000 on the black market and Brodie Clark, Head of Border Force for the UK Border Agency, was quick to remind the public that counterfeit medicines are a serious concern to customs and the UK in general:
“As well as stopping drugs, weapons and illegal immigrants from reaching the UK, our officers have a vital role to play in protecting British consumers and businesses from the trade in black market medicines and other goods.
Smugglers are only out to make a profit – these goods are often dangerous and the proceeds can be used to fuel serious organised crime."
This particular hoard is one of many that contributed to the £13 million worth of fake Viagra that was seized by UK Border Security in 2010. The largest single discovery was made in freight deliveries at Heathrow airport, where around six million pills were intercepted.

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Fake Viagra image by UK Home Office via Flickr

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