Monday, March 15, 2010

Longreach Airport Car Rental

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Here is some information about Longreach Airport from Wikipedia:
Longreach Airport (IATA: LRE) is situated in Longreach, Queensland, Australia. The airport is 2 km (1.2 mi) from the center of the city.

Longreach has played a major part in Australian aviation from 1919 onwards. In August of that year, a small party left the town to travel overland to survey a route suitable for competitors in the first air race to leave England en route to Australia. In December 1919, a Vickers Vimy landed, piloted by Ross and Keith Smith, who were en route to Melbourne after completing the first England to Australia flight. They were the first to use the air route pioneered by Fysh and McGinness.

The first overland flight across the Australian continent from Melbourne to Darwin passed through the airport in 1919.

During World War II, Longreach airport became, for a short time in 1942, a base for USAAF B-17 bomber aircraft of the 28th and 93d Bombardment Squadrons (Heavy). The airport was upgraded to cater for the additional weight of these aircraft. In May, these aircraft were flown from the town to engage the enemy in the Battle of the Coral Sea.

At one time in the 1960s, Longreach airport was one of the busiest inland airports in Australia. However, with drought and the general downturn of the rural economy throughout the country, air traffic declined.

Here are some of the major Airlines that service Longreach Airport:
  • Qantas operated by QantasLink
  • Regional Express Airlines

Here is a car rental company at Longreach Airport:

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