Monday, January 4, 2010

Why Sioux City Airport SUX...

What can you do when you get issued the airport code SUX ? Here is what Sioux City did. Read the article found at
When you are issued the airport code SUX you have two choices -- whine until the FAA changes the code, or embrace the suxage. Sioux City Gateway Airport and city officials have decided to do the latter. The code is now proudly emblazoned on t-shirts, caps, and on the airports new web site, which proudly proclaims:

Great airfares. Free Internet. Easy on, easy off. Why wouldn't ya?

Why embrace the SUX? Well, when Sioux City official petitioned the FAA to change the code back in 1988 and 2002 the FAA offered the city a couple alternatives, including GAY. Heh. So someone at the FAA has the sense of humor of a seventh grader, nice.

It could be worse. We tend to always forget the Las Vegas airport code, which should be LVS but is inexplicably LAS. No one will ever forget that Sioux City SUX.
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