Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tips for Saving Money on Airport Car Rentals

Airport Car RentalHere are some handy tips that will save you money on airport car rental. For great deals on Airport Car Rental go to
  • Book online: You can usually find lower rates on the internet than with telephone bookings.
  • Airport drop-off: Drop the car at the airport on your way home to avoid paying taxi fare from downtown to the airport. Car rental companies rarely charge customers to pick up or return their car at different locations within the same metropolitan area.
  • Parking alternatives: It's usually cheaper to park overnight in a nearby public carpark than to pay hotel parking rates. And in a lot of cities, you can park overnight on the street as long as you can move the car before the daytime parking restrictions kick in.
  • Try renting in smaller cities: If you're travelling around, sometimes it pays to rent a car in a nearby, smaller city rather than the main one you're staying in. Larger cities and airports have higher rates and pass those charges on to the customer.
  • Single day renting: Rent a car only for the days you actually need one. If you rent and return the vehicle each day you can avoid hotel overnight parking costs.
  • Weekend or weekday rentals: In some tourist destinations renting a car at the airport for a weekend during on-peak periods will generally cost more, while during the week, fewer travellers often means better deals. Conversely, with business destinations, airport rental car lots are full and prices are lower on weekends. In big cities like New York where many city dwellers don't own a car, rental cars are often in great demand during the weekend at city locations while airport rental counters are quieter.
  • Keep an eye out for cheap gas: At home, you probably know which gas stations have the lowest prices, but on the road you may not. Make a mental note of gas prices at stations near the airport, but you can also try websites like or to take the guess work out of finding cheap gasoline.
Following the tips above each time you purchase car rental can add up to big savings for business travellers. For great deals on Airport Car Rental go to

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